freemarker.core._MiscTemplateException: Can't convert boolean to string automatically, because the "boolean_format" setting was "true,false", which is the legacy default computer-language format, and hence isn't accepted. ---- Tip: If you just want "true"/"false" result as you are generting computer-language output, use "?c", like ${myBool?c}. ---- Tip: You can write myBool?string('yes', 'no') and like to specify boolean formatting in place. ---- Tip: If you need the same two values on most places, the programmers should set the "boolean_format" setting to something like "yes,no". ---- ---- FTL stack trace ("~" means nesting-related): - Failed at: ${isTotalHitFilter} [in template "odn/web/live/sectmain.ftl" at line 78, column 67] - Reached through: #assign leadInHtml = "\ldiv class=\"s... [in template "odn/web/live/sectmain.ftl" at line 78, column 1] - Reached through: @translate [in template "odn/web/live/sectmain.ftl" at line 1, column 1] ----